Why Zilliant?

Zilliant is the partner of choice for global B2B enterprises seeking to turn data into actionable prescriptive intelligence with AI-based technology.

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Accelerating Profitable Growth

Zilliant helps B2B enterprises turns data into actionable intelligence to accelerate profitable growth.


The AI engines within the Zilliant IQ™ solution continuously provide customer-facing sales teams with insights on the best cross-sell, upsell, and retention opportunities for every account.

This prescriptive sales intelligence is delivered seamlessly within existing sales processes such as email, CRM - including natively integrating with Salesforce.com - and eCommerce.

Surface Hidden Opportunities at Scale

Zilliant IQ is the only AI-enriched technology that evaluates, quantifies and reveals what products existing customers should be buying based on what they have purchased in the past and what they are purchasing now.

Maximize Cross Sell

and Upsell Revenues

Zilliant IQ identifies precise, customer-specific cross sell and upsell opportunities across your entire book of business, at a scale impossible to achieve through manual analysis.

Prevent Customer Defection

Through continuous evaluation of transaction data, Zilliant IQ identifies customers with the greatest propensity to defect, and provides sales reps with intelligent prescriptive guidance that allows them to recover at-risk business before it's too late.

Hit Your Numbers

Zilliant IQ empowers sales leadership to activate segment-specific pricing strategies and campaigns, based upon the predicted impact on overall revenue, profit and unit volumes.

Supports Every

B2B Pricing Mode

Zilliant IQ delivers actionable insights in support of all B2B pricing modes - from spot negotiations to matrix to eCommerce to list prices and agreements.
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